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Market Recap 04-06-2024


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Indian Indices

I) Nifty: opened at 23179 and touched a high of 23179 then a low of 21281 and closed at 21884 with a total of - 1379 points in Negative

II) Bank Nifty: open 50667 and touched a high of 50667 then a low of 46077 and closed at 46928 With a total of - 4051 points Negative

III) Fin Nifty: open 22475 and touched a high of 22475 then a low of 20457 and closed at 20819 With a total of - 1776 points in Negative

IV) Nifty Mid Select: open 11726 and touched a high of 11728 then a low of 10454 and closed at 11841 With a total of - 882 points in Negative

NSE Advance and Decline

Nifty 500 Top Gainer

FMGC shares were defensive in today's Market Fall.

Nifty 500 TOP LOSER

All shares were contributing to today's market fall no Specific Reasons.

Sectoral Performance

Outperforming stocks vs nifty 500 over 1 week

Underperforming Stock vs Nifty 500 over 1 week

Stock With Rising Volume


Reliance Industries stock price went down today, 04 Jun 2024, by -7.53 %. The stock closed at 3021.25 per share. The stock is currently trading at 2793.6 per share. Investors should monitor Reliance Industries' stock price closely in the coming days and weeks to see how it reacts to the news.

 SBI share price tanked over 19% during Tuesday deals and missed touching the lower circuit by a whisker.

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