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Market Recap 18-05-2024


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Indian Indices

I) Nifty: open 22512 and touched a high of 22520 then a low of 22470 and closed at 22502 with 35 points in Positive.

II) Bank Nifty: open 48197 and touched a high of 48222 then a low of 48108 and closed at 48199 With a total of 83 points in Positive

III) Fin Nifty: open 21511 and touched a high of 21523 then a low of 21469 and closed at 21502 With a total of 23 points in Positive

IV) Nifty Mid Select: open 11342 and touched a high of 11347 then a low of 11316 and closed at 11336 With a total of 35 points in Positive

NSE Advance and decline

Nifty 500 Top Gainer

read more at - https://www.moneycontrol.com/stocks/marketstats/nse-gainer/nifty-500_7/

Nifty 500 TOP LOSER

read more at - https://www.moneycontrol.com/stocks/marketstats/nse-loser/nifty-500_7/

Sectoral Performance


Outperforming stocks vs nifty 500 over 1 week

Underperforming Stock vs Nifty 500 over 1 week

Stock With Rising Volume


Nestle - The jump in stock price happened after the MNC's shareholders turned down a proposal to increase royalty payments to Swiss parent Nestle. Results of a remote e-voting by shareholders show that 57.18% of the votes were cast against the proposal for increasing royalty from 4.5% to 5.25%.

Balkrishna Industries Share Price: Shares of BKT surged 5% on Saturday to its fresh 52-week high of Rs 2,798.95 supported by the company’s solid fourth quarter performance. Its net profit soared 88% while revenue jumped 16% to Rs 2,697 crore on the back of a sales volume of 82,085 MT.

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