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Market Recap 21-06-2024



Indian Indices

I) Nifty: opened at 23661 and touched a high of 23667 then a low of 23398 and closed at 23501 with a total of - 66 points in Negative

II) Bank Nifty: open 51927 and touched a high of 51934 then a low of 51224 and closed at 51661 With a total of - 121 points Negative

III) Fin Nifty: open 23110 and touched a high of 23110 then a low of 22814 and closed at 22991 With a total of - 43 points in Negative

IV) Nifty Mid Select: open 12212 and touched a high of 12254 then a low of 12135 and closed at 12164 With a total of + 25 points in Positive

NSE Advance and Decline

Nifty 500 Top Gainer

RailTel shares continue to surge for 2nd day, gain 13% to reach near all-time high

Nifty 500 TOP LOSER

After Yesterdays rally chemical stocks saw a decline today Chambal, Deepak fert,Rashtriya Chem.

Sectoral Performance

Outperforming stocks vs nifty 500 over 1 week

Underperforming Stock vs Nifty 500 over 1 week

Stock With Rising Volume


Tata Motors launches Fleet Verse, a digital marketplace for commercial vehicles

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