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The Best Stock Screeners of 2023


The Best Stock Screeners of 2023

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For individual investors managing their investment portfolios, having access to strong investment screening tools is crucial. Luckily, modern stock screeners offer similar tools used by professional portfolio managers.

These screeners filter assets based on specific criteria like P/E ratio, earnings per share (EPS), dividend yield, and debt-to-equity ratios. They've become more sophisticated with advancements in technology and global market connectivity. Choosing a stock screener depends on your investment goals and market understanding. Let's explore the top stock screeners of 2023, considering their capabilities, user-friendliness, and value.

The Best Stock Screeners of 2023

  • Best Overall: TC2000
  • Best Free Option: ZACKS (NASDAQ)
  • Best for Day Trading: Trade Ideas
  • Best for Swing Traders: FINVIZ
  • Best for Buy-and-Hold Investors: Stock Rover
  • Best for Global Investing: TradingView



Cost:₹9.99 (Silver), ₹29.99 (Gold), or ₹89.98 (Platinum) per month. Discounts are available for semi-annual or annual payments. Platinum members with a TC2000 trading account get discounts if they make at least one trade monthly or maintain an account balance of ₹30,000 or more. They receive ₹300 yearly discounts in the form of ₹25 per month discount coupons.

Key Features: Restricted to trading on U.S. and Canadian stock exchanges.

Why We Chose It

TC2000 stands out as our top pick for stock screening due to its robust technology and features. In addition to fundamental and technical screening criteria, TC2000 offers interactive charts with drawing tools, direct trading capabilities from charts, and supplementary options screening tools.

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive fundamental and technical screening tools are available.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • Shares, investment funds, and choices to buy or sell.
  • Charts that you can draw on and trade from directly.
  • Simulated trading to practice strategies before actual trading.


  • Restricted to trading on stock markets in the United States and Canada.


TC2000 offers more than standard screeners, providing an extensive range of both fundamental and technical screening options. Silver plan users can personalize charts and watchlists, trade, and make notes on various strategies. Gold and Platinum plan users get access to TC2000’s EasyScan screener for stocks and options, chart drawing tools, and formula writing.

Platinum users enjoy historical testing and scanning, automatic screen updates, and up to 1,000 alerts simultaneously. Real-time data, extra alerts, and concurrent screens are available for an extra monthly fee.

Alongside charting, TC2000 displays options, indicating when stocks are in-the-money on the chart. Trading can be directly performed from charts, including handling conditional orders.

The platform is fast, seamlessly combining screeners with trading features for a solid trading experience. Even if you don’t plan to trade through the platform, TC2000's comprehensive fundamental and technical screening makes it an excellent choice for stocks, ETFs, and options. Its main drawback is that it’s limited to U.S. and Canadian stock markets.

TC2000 has been a top stock screener since the 1990s, continually refining and enhancing its platform, maintaining its position as one of the best stock screeners available.



Cost: Basic membership: Free; Premium membership:₹249/year with a 30-day free trial; Ultimate membership:₹299/month (₹2,995/year) with a ₹1 trial for 30 days.

Exchanges: Not limited 

Why We Chose It

Zacks Investment Research offers a powerful stock screener for free, specifically designed to filter stocks based on fundamental factors.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong stock screener focused on fundamental factors.
  • Extensive collection of stocks in the database.
  • Comprehensive and unique earnings per share (EPS) measurements.
  • Affordable premium subscription options.


  • Restricted technical screening options.


Established in 1978, Zacks is known for providing independent stock research for investors. Their free stock screener offers a wide range of fundamental criteria for users to filter stocks based on their preferences. Users can customize values to refine their searches.

Zacks provides comprehensive EPS data and analysis to delve deeper into a company’s performance. Their focus on earnings estimates as a strong predictor of stock performance is evident in their screener.

While Zacks offers predefined screens and a custom screener displaying their top-ranked stocks matching user criteria, it falls short in offering popular technical criteria for screening purposes.

Despite this, Zacks Investment Research remains a reputable independent company, excelling in fundamental screening utilizing their proprietary EPS research through their free screener.


Trade Ideas

The Best Stock Screeners of 2023

Monthly subscription fees range from ₹17 to ₹228, with potential discounts for annual payments. A weekly Swing Picks newsletter with five trade ideas costs ₹17. The Standard package is available for ₹84 per month (₹999 annually) or ₹118 monthly. The Premium package costs $167 per month (₹1,999 annually) or ₹228 monthly.

Key Features: Personalized server-based technology directly links to stock exchanges and online brokerage companies, providing access to a live trading room.

Exchanges: Restricted to trading on U.S. and Canadian stock exchanges.

Why We Chose It

Trade Ideas suits day traders due to its quickness, but its appeal extends beyond speed. The platform employs AI-powered tools for users to screen various fundamental and technical factors. Additionally, it smoothly integrates with live trading platforms.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely quick
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Screens that can be adjusted or personalized
  • Integration with online brokerage platforms
  • Real-time trading environment


  • Restricted to U.S. and Canadian stock markets


Day traders need rapid information for their strategies to work well. Trade Ideas, established in 2003, was made to help self-directed traders by providing quick and easy-to-understand market information.

For Premium users, the platform uses artificial intelligence to swiftly scan thousands of stocks. It examines fundamental, technical, and social data to find the best trading opportunities. The Premium package offers suggested entry and exit points.

Trade Ideas' Premium version directly connects to stock exchanges, tracking every trade's movement in real time and comparing it to past performance. Premium users can also backtest strategies and customize the platform layout to suit their preferences.

The platform includes a trading room where traders share various trading ideas. It integrates directly with E*TRADE and Interactive Brokers for easy execution of trading ideas in real time.

Though it's not inexpensive, day traders may consider it a valuable investment for the edge it provides in trading success.



The Best Stock Screeners of 2023

Cost:₹39.50 per month or ₹299.50 annually (which averages ₹24.96 per month) is the pricing for this service. A free plan is offered, but it doesn't provide real-time information.

Key Features: Extensive set of tools with historical data; charts you can interact with.

Why We Chose It

Finviz offers many ways to check a stock's fundamentals and technicals, such as charts, heat maps, news, and alerts. It's our favorite tool for swing trading because of its advanced charting options.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to navigate
  • Strong fundamental and technical analysis options
  • Accessible worldwide stock exchanges
  • Live price updates and historical testing provided
  • Great no-cost version available


  • Our tool has fewer basic metrics than other screeners.


Finviz, created in 2007, combines finance and visuals in its name. Its standout feature helps traders spot patterns easily. The platform is user-friendly, offering many ways to screen stocks based on both fundamental and technical factors.

The basic platform is free but doesn't provide real-time data. However, signing up for a free account gives access to more portfolios and screener rows than the unregistered version.

For FINVIZ*Elite users, there's even more: extra tickers and screener rows, eight years of fundamental data (compared to three in the free version), and fundamental charts for EPS, sales, and shares. Elite clients can also set up email alerts for stock price changes, ratings, and news.

Besides this, FINVIZ*Elite offers advanced screener stats and filters, customizable layouts, advanced charts and technical tools, intraday charts, backtesting, extended-hours data, and ad-free data export.

We recommend Finviz for swing traders due to its useful free features and the comprehensive services available to FINVIZ*Elite users. Another plus is its global market coverage, not limited to just the U.S. and Canadian exchanges.


Stock Rover

Cost: Get started for free and choose from plans ranging between ₹7.99 to ₹27.99 per month.

Key Features:Access over 500 screening filters for financial indicators, easily connectable to your brokerage account.

Exchanges: Limited to U.S. and Canadian exchanges 

Why We Chose It

Stock Rover provides many fundamental criteria for checking stocks and historical data on company finances. This makes it great for investors who prefer to buy and hold onto their investments for the long term.

Pros & Cons


  • Great fundamental screening tools
  • Stock rating system
  • Various ready-to-use screens are accessible.
  • A decade of basic financial information


  • Few tools and features for day trading
  • Limited to U.S. and Canadian stock exchanges only


Developed by software experts in 2008, Stock Rover may not be suitable for day traders due to limited technical screening indicators. However, it excels in fundamental tools, making it a top choice for investors aiming to buy and hold stocks.

Priced affordably under ₹8 for the Essentials package, Stock Rover boasts a user-friendly interface for easy stock research. With nearly 500 filters for screening stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, it links to brokerage accounts, offering detailed portfolio analysis and insights for potential portfolio adjustments.

While a free option is available, there are three paid plans. The Essential plan at ₹7.99 provides five years of historical data and watch lists. For ₹17.99, the Premium plan offers more charts and double the historical data. The Premium Plus, priced at ₹27.99 per month, includes 650 financial metrics and priority email support, with both Premium plans offering 10 years of data.

Stock Rover might not impress with its visuals, but it equips buy-and-hold investors with essential fundamental data and advanced tools for deeper insights.



Cost: Gain access to our platform for prices ranging between ₹14.95 to ₹59.95 per month, with a 30-day free trial available. The Pro version costs ₹14.95 monthly, while the Pro+ version is priced at ₹29.95 per month. Opt for our Premium plan at ₹59.95 per month for enhanced features. We also offer a limited free version for users to explore.

Key Features:Engage in a lively chat room with traders worldwide for interactive discussions.

Exchanges: Keyed to global investing 

Why We Chose It

TradingView's extensive coverage of 70+ global exchanges is its standout feature and the primary reason we consider it the top choice for a global stock screener.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective fundamental analysis
  • Extensive selection of worldwide stocks
  • Online community sharing trading thoughts
  • Great visual charts
  • No-cost basic edition


  • Restricted past data


TradingView offers robust stock screening tools using over 100 indicators for fundamental, technical, economic, and financial screening. It excels in charting features and stands out for its global coverage of 70+ exchanges.

The platform is free for all users, but subscriptions unlock more indicators, alerts, and an ad-free experience. The mid-tier subscription permits customized formula-based charting, while the Premium tier offers four times more intraday data.

One unique aspect is the use of economic indicators to compare company results against their own financial indicators on the platform.

Created by traders and programmers for the trading community, TradingView fosters an interactive global network where traders worldwide can share ideas. With over 30 million active users, it has a wide global reach.

Final Verdict

Stock screeners are crucial tools for both active and passive investors, especially as more people take charge of their investment portfolios. Choosing from thousands of stocks can be daunting, but screeners help investors narrow down options and make better investment choices. The best screeners are user-friendly, offer ready-made screens, and allow customization.

We categorized the screeners by investment style because different styles have varied requirements. TC2000 stands out for combining fundamental and technical stock screeners, catering well to various investment styles. However, it's limited to U.S. and Canadian exchanges.

For investors focusing internationally, TradingView is recommended due to its wide range of stocks from over 300 global exchanges. Traders have multiple options like TC2000, TradingView, Trade Ideas, and Finviz for quick market insights. Zacks' free offering suits fundamental investors on a budget, while Stock Rover's paid plans suit buy-and-hold investors who prefer fewer technical features.

 Compare the Best Stock Screeners

Best Overall
Starts at ₹9.99/mo.Powerful screening toolsU.S. and Canada
Best Free Option
₹249/yr. Massive number of metrics U.S. and global
Trade Ideas
Best for Day Trading
Starts at ₹118/mo.AI-driven stock screener U.S. and Canada
FINVIZ Best for SwingTradingStarts at ₹24.96/mo.Vivid graphics and interactive charts U.S. and global 
Stock Rover
Best for Buy-and-Hold Investing
Starts at ₹7.99/mo.Stock rating systemU.S. and Canada
Best for Global Investing
Starts at ₹14.95/mo.Follows 70+ global exchanges U.S. and global 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stock screener

Stock screeners are digital tools that help investors pick specific stocks from a huge pool. These tools work by applying various standards like financial numbers (such as P/E ratios, dividend yield, EPS, etc.) and technical indicators (like moving averages, volume, RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc.). Users can set multiple standards to refine their search and find the stocks that meet their criteria.

How do you use a stock screener?

Stock screeners are user-friendly tools. Users select the stocks they're interested in and then pick specific criteria to filter and narrow down those stocks. Users can set their own standards for these criteria and adjust the screen until they get the desired list of stocks.

What should I look for in a stock screener?

Investors seeking a stock screener should first check if it covers the markets they want, like U.S. or global stocks. They should also look for features allowing saved screens and creating watchlists. For day traders, speed and integration with trading platforms matter. Others might value the number of preset screens available.
Though many screeners offer various options, investors should ensure their preferred criteria are included in their chosen platform.

Does Google have a stock screener?

Google used to have a stock screener, but it stopped being available in 2022.


As more people handle their investments, having strong investment screening tools becomes crucial. We checked out various stock screeners based on their fundamental and technical filters, how many criteria they offer, customization, value, ease of use, and features.

Written by Sauravsingh

Techpreneur and adept trader, Sauravsingh Tomar seamlessly blends the worlds of technology and finance. With rich experience in Forex and Stock markets, he's not only a trading maven but also a pioneer in innovative digital solutions. Beyond charts and code, Sauravsingh is a passionate mentor, guiding many towards financial and technological success. In his downtime, he's often found exploring new places or immersed in a compelling read.

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